Course Reminders

Reminders from Cazenovia Country Club

As the season progresses we would like to ensure that all members and their guests have the opportunity to enjoy the CCC golfing experience. Everyone will benefit by following just a few tips and tidbits:

  • All players MUST sign in at the Pro Shop BEFORE play begins.
  • Fivesomes are not allowed unless sanctioned by the PRO Shop.
  • All players should start on Hole #1 unless they have been given permission to start on Hole #10.
  • Do not drive your cart any closer than 30 feet from the green and park behind the greens, not in front. Use the treelines as your guide.Hand carts still leave tracks. Be responsible and do not walk them across the greens.
  • Dress appropriately for both the course and the clubhouse.
  • Please play ready golf. Be ready to hit, keep practice swings to a minimum. If you are holding up the group behind you, be prepared to have a friendly visit from someone from the Pro Shop. (People have cell phones and do call the Pro Shop) At the very least, let the group behind you play through.
  • The gold tees have been put in due to players asking for them. We encourage you to try them & the
    handicap software has their rating included so you can still get a fair handicap by inputting gold scores (it will automatically adjust for the other color tees) and the shorter distance sets up nicely for many of the holes on the course.
  • Fix your divots and ball marks and any other ones you see. Don’t forget to rake the sand traps and keep the rakes in them after you are done.
  • If you really need to use your cell phone, please be courteous to other players; otherwise turn it off or keep it in silent or vibrate modes while you are playing.
  • It is your course and facilities; please clean up after yourself. We rely on everyone to make sure that our club, the course and the restrooms, stays presentable to all our members and guests.
  • Input all your scores. The handicap computer keeps track of how many scores you enter in a certain period of time and this is checked by the Pro shop. Entering all your scores ensures an equitable handicap that is fair to all including yourself.
  • All members should abide by the rules and be courteous to other players. Doing so will free the Board of Directors from having to send letters of non-compliance to offending members. CCC’s goal is to have a pleasant experience for all members and a Country Club that we can all be proud of.
  • Please assist the Golf Pro and his staff by clearing your personal items and litter from the cart when you return it to the clubhouse.
3711 Number Nine Road PO Box 319, Cazenovia, NY 13035